“Cherno as an individual was popular and well-liked by the group of lads we had at the time and was always great to be around – in fact I’d go as far to say he was a ‘model’ player who was a pleasure to coach.”

Dick Bate

Former Elite Coaching Manager at the English Football Association and former Head Coach of the England youth teams

“The one thing about Cherno is that he has always absolutely loved football”

Jim Hicks

PFA Head Coach

“What was refreshing was his love of the game and he really wanted to improve himself and his future career - he also knew what he had to improve on in order to fulfil his potential”

Clive Allen

Former Tottenham Forward and England Youth Coach

“Cherno was a lean and fit lad, with potential to grow into a formidable striker”

Kenny Swain

Former England Under-16 Coach